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Lumberjack Championships

We recently held the Keihoku Lumberjack Championships in September which was an absolute blast. Lumberjacks or kikori (in Japanese) had to compete in “tree cutting” and “machine operation” events, and winners were judged on how safely, quickly and elegantly they could complete the various events.

The championship was organized with the objective to acknowledge the rich history of forestry here in Keihoku, to bring the local lumberjack community together, and to educate the next generation about the logging and forestry profession.

We also held a local woodcraft and art market at the championship grounds, so that woodcraft artisans could connect with their consumers, as well as with the lumberjacks, who are responsible for supplying wood.

Being able to bring all those involved in the timber industry, from the lumberjacks to the woodcrafts-men to the end consumers was a very fulfilling experience indeed, and I’m very happy to have been part of it.

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