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Countryside Eats - Cedar-Wrapped Mackerel Sushi

A while ago, I got the chance to meet local sushi chef, Chef Masakazu Hatadan, a brilliant guy whom I think is definitely one of the Keihoku’s gems. He has established his name in the culinary world by innovatively combining the offerings of Keihoku’s cedar forests and fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan in the form of Sugi Sushi (mackerel nigiri sushi, wrapped in paper-thin slices of local cedar that adds a wonderful woody fragrance to the sushi)

Hatadan-san was born right here in Keihoku, and after graduating from the local high school, he went to attend culinary training in different Japanese cities including Osaka, Wakayama and Mie for 10 years. Having lived in so many cities though, he realised that he still preferred living in the Japanese countryside and thus decided to come back to Keihoku to set up a name of his own, creating Sugi Sushi along the way. I love taking my guests to Suehiro (the name of Hatadan-san’s sushi restaurant) because I get to showcase the pride of Keihoku through his food. His Sugi Sushi is something so delicious and special to this region, guests simply love it.

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