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Customise your own Kyoto countryside experience with our tour options below. 
Depending on your interests and availability, we’ll plan a personalised trip
just for you.​
  • Minimum duration of trip: 1 full day.

  • A full day trip can fit up to 3-4 activities. 

Keihoku Mountain Tour Options

Takimata Waterfall Trekking

A leisure trekking course of around 1.5 hours, along a serene nature trails. The trail goes deep into the Keihoku forests and leads you to a stunning 25 m Takimata waterfall, which you can admire, and swim in. 


A great trek to go on for all seasons!

Joshoko-ji Zen Temple Visit

As magnificent as the temples you find in Kyoto city, but without the touristic crowds. - is a Zen temple with a beautiful Zen garden where you can even take time to practice meditation. 

Founded by the retired Emperor Kogon in 1362, the temple grounds are a sprawling 12,000 square which the temple building, garden and a mountain. It was designated as a historical and natural conservation site of Kyoto. 

Entrance fee extra cost: JPY 500 per person

Yamaguni Shrine Visit

At the very core of Japanese people's philosophy lies Shintoism, a belief that gods exist in all natural elements in this world such as the mountains, rivers, lightning, wind, waves, trees, rocks.

The ancient Yamaguni Shinto Shrine, which is set against the dramatic backdrop of giant Cedar trees is a great place to learn about the indigenous Shinto religion of Japan and the way people lived in the old days. 

Miyama Thatched House Village

A visit to the mountainous village of Miyama that is famous for its traditional 400 year-old (approx) thatched-roof houses, fully preserved as they used to be. The visit also includes a scenic walk along the Yura river. In autumn, the Miyama village is the perfect place to admire the colourful autumn foliage. 

The natural environment and houses of Miyama have been kept so perfectly intact that it is as if you had travelled 100 years back in time to rural Japan.

Giant Cedar Tree Forest Trek

Take a walk among giants, giant cedar trees we mean. Be amazed at these ancient forest beings that have been around for more than 700 years, and learn the story of the timber trade that has been flourishing in Keihoku since 1200 years ago. 

It’s a place where one can truly experience the connection between the present and the ancient past. 

Local Sake Brewery Visit & Tasting

Experience the spirit of Japan with a visit to Keihoku’s 120 year-old local Sake brewery. By using self-cultivated rice (from the padi fields behind the brewery) and pure water from the Keihoku mountains in its production, the brewery’s Sake quality is one of the best in the region and served by top ryokans in Kyoto city. Best of all, the visit includes a tasting of 4 to 5 different kinds of Sake.

There will also be an opportunity to visit the Sake production facilities, subject to the availability of the brewery. 

Extra tasting fees: JPY 500 per person

Art Gallery Crawl

Keihoku has attracted many artists and craftsmen thanks to its natural surroundings and cultural inspirations. On the art gallery crawl, we will drive around Keihoku to visit various art studios and galleries such as those involved in woodcraft, natural dyeing, leather work, iron work, furniture making, aromatic oils making and .

You will also get the chance to interact with the artists themselves and watch them at work. The good art quality to be seen and uniqueness of this excursion makes it one of our guests’ tour options. 


Held by the Keihoku Sky Sports Office, is the ultimate mountain adventure where you get to enjoy vast panoramic views that the four seasons have to offer. The experience is available for total beginners to experienced . 

extra costs: JPY 10,000 per person.

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Tour Pricing

Our tours are intended for a minimum of 2 people in a group. 
Prices are charged according to days of the trip, and number of people in group.


The price per person gets discounted with larger number of guests in a group. 

2-person group
JPY 12,000 per person / day

3-person group 
JPY 10,000 per person / day

4-person group
JPY 9,000 per person / day

5-person group
JPY 8,000 per person / day

6-people group and above
JPY 7,000 per person / day

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