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Tour Options and


Customise your own Kyoto countryside experience with our tour options below. 
Depending on your interests and availability, we’ll plan a personalised trip
just for you.​
  • Minimum duration of trip: 1 full day.

Sea of Japan Tour Options

Sea of Japan Tour

(Due to the packed schedule, the Sea of Japan option will require a 1 overnight stay in one of our accommodation options)

The Sea of Japan seems to evoke images of cold, harsh seaside communities. But it is simply these strong natural elements that make the seafood from the Sea of Japan of much better quality than those of other surrounding oceans.


It’s relative inaccessibility has also kept the natural environment untouched by tourism. Our day trip to the Sea of Japan will take you to enjoy the fruits of sea in the day and finish off with a seafood cooking class. 


Trip Details :

  • We start with a 90-minute drive from Keihoku’s center to the Sea of Japan.

  • Shop for seafood at the fish market there. (Please prepare an extra budget of JPY 1500)


  • Scenic drive to catch a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan 


  • Ferry ride to view Sea of Japan’s rugged coastline (Optional add-on: JPY 2000 per person)


  • Dip in a local hot spring (Optional add-on: JPY 800 per person)


  • Visit to a chopstick museum, where you can make your own chopsticks (Optional add-on: JPY 300 per person)

  • Japanese wa-shi paper making experience.

  • Head back to a local’s house to cook seafood dishes OR you can take your ingredients to a cooking class under sushi chef, Chef Masakazu Hatada, who will teach you how to make his famous Sugi Sushi and other Japanese Seafood classics. (Optional add-on. Cost: JPY 3000 per person)

Tour Pricing

Our tours are intended for a minimum of 2 people in a group. 
Prices are charged according to days of the trip, and number of people in group.


The price per person gets discounted with larger number of guests in a group. 

2-person group
JPY 15,000 per person / day

3-person group 
JPY 13,000 per person / day

4-person group
JPY 12,000 per person / day

5-person group
JPY 11,000 per person / day

6-people group and above
JPY 10,000 per person / day

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