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Guide Profile: Kei Nakayama

Bringing our guests on the Takimata Waterfall Trek

Kei, a master of many hats, knows Kyoto and Japanese history like the back of his hand and is passionate about showing the beauty and culture of his country to the world


From travelling around the world twice to completing the “El Camino de Santiago” pilgrimage in Europe, Kei has been travelling extensively within and outside of Japan since his university days. His love for discovery extends to him being a self professed “language and culture” nerd, enthusiastically learning about his own Japanese culture as well as those of others, making him a perfect guide and friend for presenting Japan to you.


Besides being a nationally certified English-speaking guide of Japan with more than 500 clients under his belt. Kei is also a simultaneous English-Japanese interpreter who is fluent in more than 5 languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, beginner’s Russian as well), and has been coordinating Intercultural Programs for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the recent years.


These day, Kei is busy with promoting travel and living in the Keihoku countryside through his tourism business, which is in partnership with the Commercial and Tourism Bureau of the Kyoto City Municipal office.


Intercultural communications though, remain as Kei’s greatest loves, and one of his favourites moments is when he gets to kick, relax and engage in interesting conversations with his guest over a beer after a day of touring.


Official guide, interpreter

and entrepreneur.

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