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"Tailor-made" Tour

Customise your own experience.

See the real countryside of Kyoto.

trekking pass to Takimata waterfall

Discover the sea of Japan's real culture and try a real sea food!


Get a deeper understanding of Japanese culture from artisans.

Making natto mochi

Spend a relaxed and slow time with local people in the country village.   

Stay at a traditional thatched house

The Journey to Connect Yourself

From old days, Japanese people have co-existed with nature by nurturing a sustainable way of living.

We call nature where people live in harmony with it, "SATOYAMA", which can be found in sceneries like well-grown rice fields, green mountains and preserved thatched house architectures.

Satoyama is also related to artisans' philosophy and skills, knowing fully about natural materials.

Currently in Japan's city side Satoyama is very rare to find, but such a countryside as Keihoku is still full of nature's blessings and has preserved the Satoyama lifestyle.

In order for you to get the inside view of authentic Japanese life and culture, we offer a variety of experiences attended by locals, and I am sure you could feel this Satoyama spirit!

Where is Keihoku?
Located in northern part of Kyoto, Keihoku is a stunning mountainous area that links the Sea of Japan to the old capital of Kyoto. It is easily accessible by a 1.5 hours bus ride from Kyoto's city centre. 

How to access Keihoku
Take JR bus of Takao/Keihoku Line from Kyoto station (terminal no.3) via Omiya, Nijo and Enmachi station. Shuzan terminal is a final stop and it takes around 1 hour 30 mins from Kyoto station. Transport fare costs 1200 yen, or you can use Japan Rail Pass. We’ll meet you up at Shuzan terminal.

Bus terminal in Keihoku.

We will be waiting for you at this bus terminal called Shuzan.