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Medidation at Joshoko-ji Zen Temple
Cedar Tree-lined trekking trail
Katsura river in Keihoku, Japan
Peaceful Zen temple
Cypress tree hiking trail, Kyoto
Giant cedar forest
Sea of Japan tour
Premium thatched house
Cooking class
Learning how to cook rice cake

Our Keihoku

Where is Keihoku?
Located in northern part of Kyoto, Keihoku is a stunning mountainous area that links the Sea of Japan to the old capital of Kyoto. It is easily accessible by a 1.5 hours bus ride from Kyoto's city centre. 

How to reach Keihoku?
Reaching Keihoku is incredibly easy. You simply need to take a JR bus from Kyoto station, Nijo station or Shijo-Omiya station.
The bus ride costs 1180 yen, or you can use your JR pass.

What can you do Keihoku?

At this scenic place, you can expect to trek through beautiful mountains, visit peaceful Zen temples, be amazed at preserved traditional thatched houses, walk among ancient giant cedar trees, and best of all, make friends with its heartwarming people. 

Our Local Hosts

Kei, Multilingual Guide in Keihoku, Japan
Kei Nakayama

Local Host and



Fluent in Japanese, English and Chinese

Hiro, English and Japanese speaking guide in Keihoku, Japan
Hironori Fukumoto 

Local Host and



Fluent in Japanese, English and (trying) Chinese

Midori, English and Japanese Speaking Guide
Midori Ota

Local Host and

Tea Ceremony Master


Fluent in Japanese and English 

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