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Staff Profile: Hiro Fukumoto

Hiro, Japanese and English speaking guide in Keihoku, Japan

To describe Hiro in one word, “Wild” might just be the most apt. The native from Kagoshima has backpacked across the world, lived in Australia for 2 years and has dabbled in all kinds of businesses including carpentry and farming. Hiro moved with his wife two years ago to Keihoku, to start an agricultural project with the local community here.

But behind his tough, “mountain-man” exterior, Hiro remains a sweet, funny father to two young children. A family man at heart, he spends his free time playing with his kids in the countryside, learning Chinese and entertaining his guests with his singing and guitar playing along the way. 

In addition to being a interpreter and host, Hiro is also a professional photographer who specialises in taking photos of people nature.

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