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* The price doesn’t include meals nor admission fee. * 8 % consumption tax will be added to total fee.

* One-Day Experience is intended from 2 persons.    (1person booking available but charged 2 persons).

* 3,000 yen discount for guests under 15 years old for One-Day Experience when more than 2 adults join the Experience. 
* 5,000 yen discount for guests under 15 years old for Stay Plan when
 more than 2 adults join the  stay plan.

Free of charge for Children under 3 years old.  (When the bed is unnecessary.)

* Booking is available one day prior to your experience day  (by website or mail).

According to Japanese Travel Agency Act, only Tourist companies are able to offer an accommodation package plan. So when you take this Satoyama Stay Plan, please note that you shall have a contract with our partner Tourist company (ACT YOU TRAVEL.CO.LTD, Registered tour operator certified by the commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, No.1102), although service in Keihoku is conducted by SATOYAMA DESIGN.

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