Accommodation Options

1/ Traditional Ryokan


This is a classic traditional Japanese that was originally built to accommodate raft rowers back in the old days when timber was transported from the mountains to Kyoto via the Katsura river on a raft.


Besides its historical significance in Keihoku, Sushiyone is also well known among locals and guests for serving up delicious local cuisine. 

strategic position along the Katsura river and within the Keihouku town makes the Ryokan a convenient place to visit Keihoku’s local establishments. To add a cherry on top, the charming female owner (or ) has set up a cozy bar in the that is frequented by locals, making it the place to get a taste of that local, warm Keihoku spirit. 


Amenities and Details:
TV, Parking, Air conditioner, Microwave
Shared Bathroom, Shampoo and Soap, Hair Dryer and Towel.

No smoking  the property
Check-in 3pm, 10am

2/ Riverside Forest Inn


Located by the riverside, deep in the forests of Keihoku, this is an inn run by the ever effervescent Ichise-, who had a dream to build a haven of hospitality immersed in nature.

The lodging consists of western bedrooms and traditional Japanese futon rooms, has two tennis courts, and is also a few steps away from the entrance of the Mount Atago hiking trail. 

The surreal forest environments this inn the perfect secret spot where you can escape the bustling cities and dive into nature.

Amenities and Details:

Wifi, TV, Parking, Air Conditioner
Shared bathroom, Shampoo and Soap, Hair Dryer and Towel

No smoking at the property
Check-in 3pm, 10am

3/ Authentic Thatched Roof House


One of the more authentic experiences you can get at Keihoku is staying at one of its traditional thatched roof houses. This thatched roof house, located just a few minutes away from Joshoko-ji Zen temple is one perfect example.


Built 230 years ago, the Yukara house was a Zen temple in the 1970s which opened its doors to students from all over the world, being a place for them to live and practice Buddhism.


This historic place of hospitality was reborned and renamed many years later as “Yukara”, a word which comes from the ancient Ainu language that means “traditional epic poetry”. 

Maximum number of people in one room: 

Amenities and Details:

General Cooking Equipment and Plates, Rice Cooker, Refrigerator, Kettle, Toaster, Stereo Speaker, Fireplace (extra costs for charcoal)


Parking (up to 8 cars)

No WIFI available


Bathroom, Shampoo and Soap, Towel, Toothbrush


No smoking at the property

Check-in 2pm, Check-out 10am