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How to reach Keihoku (by direct bus)

Take JR bus of Takao/Keihoku Line at 9.30 from Kyoto Station (terminal no. 3) via Enmachi and Nijo station. Shuzan (sometimes written as Syuzan) terminal is a final stop and it takes around 1 hour 30 mins from Kyoto station. It costs JPY 1180, or you can use a Japan Rail Pass. 
You will get on the bus from rear door and get off from front door after you put your fare in the box next to a driver or show JR pass. We can pick you up at Shuzan final terminal by car.
A bus timetable from Kyoto station to Shuzan final terminal:
Depart: 9:30 am   Arrive: 10:55 am
The bus looks very local, but we are sure you will enjoy the scenery from the window when you come into the mountain lane (after 40 minutes or so).

Kyoto JR Bus Terminal Map
Map of Kyoto and Keihoku
Getting Around Keihoku

Keihoku spans a relatively large area, but most of the attractions and activities are easily accessible by car. All our tours will include transportation to ensure you see the most during your time here.

Tourist Map of Keihoku

Touristic Map of Keihoku

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